LookSlim 90™

Everyone is aware of the risks of being overweight. THE GOOD NEWS IS: Through the addition of natural supplements to our diet, we can all dramatically improve our health and well-being.

WHAT IS LookSlim 90™?
LookSlim90 is a natural formula working as a nutritional supplement to assist the body in shedding excess body fat naturally.

Lookslim90 is formulated to contain high quality ingredients including, rasp berry ketone..

LookSlim 90™ does not stimulate, starve or trick your body into weight loss. It simply helps to support the body and fuels the body's natural mechanism in burning off excess fats and sugars more efficiently. For those who are underweight or in good physical condition, LookSlim 90™ encourages stamina and energy.

BENEFITS OF LookSlim 90™

  • scientifically formulated
  • prepared with safe, natural ingredients
  • contains no caffeine or stimulants
  • includes no ephedrine or amphetamines
  • no known side effects have been reported


Take two capsules with a glass of water between dinner and bedtime. Try to stop eating and drinking ( other than water) after you take the LookSlim90. This allows LookSlim90 to be absorbed and work for you more efficiently.

LookSlim 90™ is a 90 day program, but you can remain on it for as long as you like. This is not a 30 day program, your body needs time to rebuild lean muscle, which in turn will burn your fat.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
* All Healthy Me formulas meet or exceed CGMP quality standards *